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5 Simple Ways To Use ChatMatic To Grow Your List Without Spending More On Ads

Growing your email list is an essential piece of EVERY businesses marketing strategy… or at least it should be. The fact is, Email Marketing is the only FREE and ON DEMAND traffic source there is. Let’s think about that…

SEO is free but it’s not on demand because someone else (Google, Bing, Yahoo) dictates whether or not they will show your site to viewers AND you are limited to whether or not someone is searching for your keyword/ topic.

Social Media posts are also subject to a similar “over rule” from the social media channel you are publishing on, and often times posts aren’t shown to their full audience due to some “algorithm”. Without paying to “boost post”, Facebook barely shows your content to more than 30% of your audience… if you’re lucky.

Email marketing; however, is completely on demand. If you want to email your entire list 2, 3, 4, 5x a day… you can do that. No one will stop you from logging in and sending an email blast to your subscribers. Once you have the email address you can get traffic on a consistent basis. You do NOT want to be placed into a situation where, when you stop spending money on ads, you lose all of your traffic. That’s not how you build something long term, in our opinion.

So building your list is obviously ESSENTIAL to the longevity of a business. So much so, in fact, we’d be willing to wager that businesses that focus on list building in their daily activity are less likely to fail in the long run by a significant margin that might help your marketing like statement printing and mailing services.

At Chatmatic our goal is to bring list building to YOU instead of making you figure out list building. We’ve made it easy. In some senses maybe too easy. In fact, often when we showcase how amazing Chatmatic is MOST people need to see it twice for it to sink in. So instead of twice, we decided to show you 5 times. Here’s 5 SIMPLE ways you can use Chatmatic to grow your list without having to spend more money on ads.

Technique Number 1: Viral Content Posts

This is probably the easiest one to get off the ground because it doesn’t require, really, ANY spending what so ever. The idea is simple to understand and even more simple to execute.

Go to (or make) your Fanpage and post viral content. Maybe it’s a picture, a link, a video… it literally doesn’t matter. Anything viral and you don’t have to create it… just repurpose someone else’s content. In the description or “post text” make sure you as asking for comments. Don’t just ASK for a comment… but tell someone what to say. If you don’t tell people what to day, your comments will decrease by an average of 50%. Make people say something that you want other people to see, and that will help you get more done. This should be one or two words maximum. We’ll show you an example from our Pugnation fan page:


You can see here we are asking people to say a ONE WORD comment “Love”. The science behind this is REALLY powerful because you are getting someone to VERBALLY say that they love whatever you’re posting… that’s a deep connection. You can have them say anything to create this connection, but try to use a “power” word and not just “Cool” or “nice”.

Once you’ve got a viral post that will generate comments, you’ll use Chatmatic to attach a “Trigger” to it. Our triggers allow you to instantly send a PRIVATE message to the commenter. The possibilities here are endless, but we are focusing on List Building so here’s how we do it…

The instant private message will have a ChatMatic Subscriber link in it. Our Subscriber links (currently called buttons, soon to be “Campaigns) allow you to capture email addresses directly from a Facebook authorization. Yes, I’ll say it again. When someone clicks the link you’ll be sending them, FACEBOOK will ask them to allow us to capture their email. When they say yes, we get their email directly from Facebook. Now, because they are currently ON Facebook our conversion rate is amazing! Think about it. You’re on Facebook, Comment on a post, get an auto reply from that page saying to check out XYZ… you click that and Facebook asks “Continue as YOUR NAME HERE?”… you’re more likely to click that because it is a consistent experience. Now we are list building.

So just post something viral EVERY day and make sure you set it up to get a lot of comments… set up post triggers… and send subscription links that redirect to more viral content. Simple as that.

Technique Number 2: Viral Content Posts

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10 High Margin Products You Can Start Selling This Week, And How To Sell Them (Workshop)

Online shopping is projected to reach over 370 Billion this year, which is an increase of around 30 Billion from 2016.


Most people would say “Yeah, that sounds about right”… but I had a different thought. I thought, where is the extra 30-50Billion coming from, and how do I make sure that I get my hands on it? It’s not like there’s any MORE money being put into circulation, there’s not much research to say people will SPEND more than they normally do, so the only logical thing is to ASSUME that people are going to spend less in person and will spend more online.


The shift is happening right now, in front of our eyes and most people are going to miss it. Even CNBC reported that Sears and Macy’s are closing stores due to the shift in online spending. Imagine that… two of the largest physical retailers are closing down their stores to make way for the online boom. Now it’s up to US to capitalize on it. 


So before I get into the actual products I wanted to take a second to let you know that we are hosting a LIVE WORKSHOP on how to sell these products using SINGLE PAGE funnels and how you can create very healthy margins without having to worry about building stores, shipping, buying inventory, and the rest of the madness. We are trying to keep is SIMPLE… so let’s make it happen! Join Us On The Workshop By Signing Up Here.


OK – so let’s do it! Here are a list of 10 products that, we here at Wealthery, believe have easy audiences to target and could sell for great margins. Obviously you MAY not know exactly HOW to sell these products right now although companies like denver seo might help, but that’s why we are holding the workshop – to show you how to sell them easily.


Designer Fashion Polarized Sunglasses – 
Price: $9.95
Shipping: Free to the US
Audiences: Surfers, Fisherman, Car enthusiasts, Bespoke interests, Fashion interests, Age 18-45 Men, US,
Ad Format: Carousel or Video Slideshow
Product Link
General Review And Idea: We think glasses like these could sell for $29.95+ pretty easily. You’ll notice a common theme in these products where we tell you to buy the product and have it sent to your house. We suggest doing that because then you can film little videos of people wearing them, get your friends to review them (and you can use them as testimonials), and take pictures of yourself in them if need be. This makes it WAY easier to create ads. Great product that you can create your own margin.
**Here’s an example of a page we created to show you how you can sell ALL of these products:
Check It Out**PS. This page was made in Clickfunnels – to Check it out on their 14 Days Free Trial… Grab It Here!


Airtight Survival Style Container/ Storage – 
Price: $1.66
Shipping: Free to the US
Audiences: Anyone in the survival space/ Every Day Carry
Ad Format: Carousel or Video Slideshow/ Product image (1200×1200)
Potential upsell to other “outdoors” products, or a good loss leader at Free Plus shipping. Just do a video of people’s phones getting water damage, or keys getting dropped, etc. Show normal things happening to things people need, and then you sell this like crazy with a TON of products you can use as upsells.


LED Torch Light – 
Price: $9.77
Shipping: Free to the US
Audiences: Anyone in the survival space/ Every Day Carry/ Car enthusiasts/ Men in general
Ad Format: Carousel or Video Slideshow/ Product image (1200×1200)
No one wants to be unprepared, let’s face it. You just play on the fact that you NEVER KNOW when you need a flashlight and you have yourself a winner here in our opinion. Simple but effective and could also make for a nice upsell to the case above if need be. We see this selling for $19-$35.
*Gotta have lights right? Even market to woman as “Stop getting caught in the dark when power goes out”. or “We are trying to make EVERY house in America safe by putting one of these incredibly powerful and bright flashlights in everyones night stand” – Free plus shipping and
it’ll crush


Speed Jump Rope – 
Price: $2.18
Shipping: Free to the US
Audiences: Fitness/ Crossfit
Ad Format: Carousel or Video Slideshow/ Product image (1200×1200)
This is almost too crazy. $2.00 for a rope that RogueFitness charges more than $25 for. You could easily sell these to Crossfit Gym owners in bulk and that wouldn’t be terribly hard to target. Maybe find a good way to integrate Crossfit/ Fitness groups as well into your marketing plan.


Glitter Fold Case For iPhone 6-7 – 
Price: $2.76
Shipping: Free to the US
Audiences: Women and iPhone users
Ad Format: Carousel or Video Slideshow/ Product image (1200×1200)
Function meets fashion. Good pictures in the ad so you wouldn’t have to do much on this one. I am seeing a GOOD opportunity to grow a Cell phone case review site, pushing all the sales to a store. Simple, good margins. It’s easy to target specific mobile users, so that means you know you’re hitting the right market.


USB Type C to USB Type A Male To Female – 
Price: $1.31
Shipping: Free to the US
Audiences: People who like Apple products and try to work on finding people who use the new Macbook if possible
Ad Format: Carousel or Video Slideshow/ Product image (1200×1200)
There are a couple cool videos showing how much it sucks to pay $50 for the “apple dongles” they are selling right now to accomodate the new Macbook users. This is an easy win and could be used as a Free Plus Shipping products. Sell it for $9.95 shipping and handling and you’ll make money all day long on Apple users because everyone needs these things… and as we stated in one of our recent posts, 70% of purchases are made out of necessity.


Easy Scratch Repair Pen – 
Price: $1.09
Shipping: Free to the US
Audiences: Car enthusiasts/ As seen on TV interests
Ad Format: Carousel or Video Slideshow/ Product image (1200×1200)
EASY video of repairing a scratch on a car with this… that’ll go like CRAZY and lots of opportunity to sell to “car guys” with upsells. You can then sell buffer equipment, car wash soaps, gloves… the sky is the limit on this one. Use it as a “gateway” to get people into your funnel. Buy it – then scratch something and fix it… video that and you have your ad.


Knife Pendant Necklace – 
Price: $3.99
Shipping: Free to the US
Audiences: USMC + Outdoor interests and you have a REAL strong audience.
Ad Format: Carousel or Video Slideshow/ Product image (1200×1200)
It’s a necklace pendant that is also a knife… this will absolutely crush with the male interests from 18-60 who are into outdoors and USMC. Can’t be free – but you could do a “deal” that gives it for $9.95 + $4.99 Shipping… so that’s $15 and only costs you $3.99.


Avengers iPhone 6/6s Case – 
Price: $2.18
Shipping: Free to the US
Audiences: Most likely anyone 16-35 who is interested in Avengers AND has an iPhone.
Ad Format: Carousel or Video Slideshow/ Product image (1200×1200)
What we love about cases is that they are easy to target. You can target a specific mobile type user, and then Avengers and you can likely sell these cheap or even Free with SHipping. Then you can upsell shirts or any other comic style products.


USB Mini Bluetooth Speaker – 
Price: $9.99
Shipping: Free to the US
Audiences: Anyone who likes music, probably a younger demographic, someone who likes to travel.
Ad Format: Carousel or Video Slideshow/ Product image (1200×1200)
Multiple colors – easy to charge. Another item you should LIKELY buy and then film a short EASY video of you playing music from it, show that it sounds good… and show how people can use it on the go, at the gym, outdoors, at the beach, at the pool… these will sell ALL DAY!


 That covers it! These 10 products are likely to be hot sellers for anyone who can get the ball rolling. Simply work on some basic targeting but think deep about the ad STRATEGY. Don’t just put the product up and hope it sells. Make it a deal, make people realize how badly they need it or how it’ll help their lives and enrich them.


Don’t forget – we are going to be showing EVERYONE exactly how we sell these products without having to open a store and without even having to own a single domain! On top of that, if you’re there live we are going to be sending ALL of these products to 5 people who stick with us till the end. If you wanna get your hands on these products and see them for yourself if it’s expensive we can recommend you to check no credit check loans online  … make sure you REGISTER HERE! (If you are seeing this AFTER our workshop – you’ll still be able to see a replay).


That’s all for now – enjoy!

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10 Incredible Stats That Will Sky Rocket Your Sales

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I’ve been doing some INCREDIBLE research lately as I begin to enlighten people on the future of sales using Social Media…I’d love to hear which stats YOU find most interesting or which ones you think could help your business the most, now that you know and understand them. I’m going to give you my take on why each stat is important!
1. Research shows that 35-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first.   [Source:]
: When a customer is looking to buy, they often time look for multiple options. This is “shopping” but we don’t often thing of it this way because it’s online. Today, more than ever, it’s CRUCIAL that you actively engage your customers WHERE THEY ARE and that is often through apps they use most (Facebook Messenger being the leading tool with over 70Billion messages sent per month, which is 3x that of SMS). So don’t let your Facebook inbox be a place where messages go to die, implement a strategy to ensure that you ALWAYS keep up with your customers messages. Responding first could put you in that 35-50% of businesses who get the sale!
2. If you follow up with web leads within 5 minutes, you’re 9 times more likely to convert them.   [Source:]

: Faster Internet speeds, better high speed data transfer to phones, more mobile hot spots, faster devices and computers… all this just leads to our consumers knowing they can get what they want FAST. You need to be on board with that and use this thought process in your marketing funnel. In my opinion, a lead isn’t just someone who opts into your list. While that is the traditional “lead”, I also believe a “lead” could be someone reading your content or beginning down your sales funnel. What we should take away from this stat is the the more/ better/ faster you follow up with a prospect the better off you are. As soon as you’re able to follow up with someone… you instantly increase your likelihood of making a sale, 9fold!


Touch points are pretty crucial to generating a lead and a sale so you LIKELY wanna do everything you can in order to generate more communication between yourself and your prospects right? That was the idea going into creating ChatMatic. So now you’re actually able to take a commenter from a Facebook post and reach out to them privately… it’s a pretty unique feature but is only ONE of the many we offer. If you wanna see ChatMatic in action – come join us!
3. Nurtured leads produce, on average, a 20% increase in sales opportunities versus non-nurtured leads.   [Source: DemandGen Report]
: Touch points! Reach out and touch your leads but DON’T just sell them. Nurture them into becoming a buyer. Show them what they wanted in the first place. I love nurturing leads/ prospect and think it’s something we’ve forgotten about in sales due to the VOLUME we can manage these days. If you are sending an email to 100,000 people, you tend to forget about the nurturing processing because your’e reaching so many people you likely generate sales without it. Whatever brought your lead to you in the first place was likely a pain point that you hinted at solving… so use that in your nurturing series and give them content.
4. At any given time, only 3% of your market is actively buying. 56% are not ready, 40% are poised to begin.   [Source: Vorsight]
: Talk about small margins huh? The great this is – this place into our favor if we use content and nurturing to drive people back to your buying funnel. You really should take two strategies here. #1- You obviously want to go after that 3% of your market that is primed to buy, we OBVIOUSLY don’t want to overlook them because they are the meat to our potatoes. #2 – Come up with a strategy that cultivates that 40% that is poised to start buying. Help them realize they are there and also make sure you are in their face during the transition between thinking and doing. By following up, sharing content, and continuing to educate your prospect on the NEED for your product… you come to mind when it’s time for them to pull out their wallet.
automation5. Companies that automate lead management see a 10% or greater increase in revenue in 6-9 months.   [Source: Gartner Research]
: Don’t do the work yourself. Use tools that help you along the way. Whether it’s email marketing, a system like ChatMatic which allows you and enables you to automate your Facebook communication with potential prospects… or it’s text messaging systems or automated follow ups… you NEED to have a plan in place to make sure you are automating so you don’t spread yourself too thin but still take advantage of increased sales.
6. 70% of people make purchasing decisions to solve problems. 30% make decisions to gain something.   [Source: Impact Communications]
: I love this one. People buy to solve problems, way more than they do to gain something. So when you are selling your product you should appeal to the NEED and not the WANT. You’ll likely spend more if you NEED it right? I mean if you really need something you’ll spend the extra money than if you just wanted it. It’s a fact that a lot of people forget about because of brands like Apple. Apple is a GREAT example of having a loyal customer base (myself included) who will overspend to get a WANT and not a need. This should be thought of as an anomaly and not the norm. Market your product as a solution to a problem and, as shown in this Impact Communications study, you’ll sell to a much higher 70%!
7. An average buyer gets 100+ emails a day, opens just 23%, and clicks on just 2% of them.   [Source: Tellwise]  ChatMatic Interface
: OK – fair warning. I created a software called ChatMatic that allows you to send Facebook messenger communication to your buyers in a similar fashion to how you might otherwise send email. So, needless to say, I think this stat speaks VOLUMES about the world we live in today. Your average buyer is getting over 100 emails and is only engaging with 23 of them! Let’s assume 5-10 of those emails are work or family related so you don’t even get to consider that as part of your share… so you get 13 emails… or at BEST 10% of your buyers inbox. Now out of that 10% you’re competing with the rest of the 90% that are trying to reach that customer. It’s just too much and too complicated which is why email open and click through rates have plummeted in the last 5-8 years. I’ve seen it in my personal business as well as noticed quite a few larger brands seeing the affect and pivoting.
One of the primary reasons I started building ChatMatic was because I think we live in a world that is shifting away from email as a primary mode for communication. The reason email was effective for the last 20+ years is because it was primarily used as a communication channel. When it first came out it was all the rage because your alternative was to either pick up the phone (and that is basically non existent now) or send an actual letter in the mail (isn’t it amazing that people don’t send REAL mail anymore and that it’s starting to become an effective advertising channel again because people have moved on from it so it’s not infiltrated?). But now that so many people are sending emails it’s starting to become WHITE NOISE – hence – people are now no longer sending their friends and family emails… They communicate through Messenger, SMS, and other chat based Apps. With our customers attention shifting to these “chat based apps” it’s time WE focus our attention there as well. Figuring out how to EFFECTIVELY market to someone in a communicative manner is where the future of sales is – and I believe ChatMatic helps you automate and control that while growing your business in a 2017+ friendly way.
8. 40% of emails are opened on mobile first – where the average mobile screen can only fit 4-7 words max.   [Source: ContactMonkey]
: Yikes! This stat is SUPPOSED to tell you that your first 4-7 words should be IMPORTANT, but that’s now where I’m going to go with it. I think it’s crazy that 40% of emails are initially opened on mobile devices because that number will only increase… making mobile an important part of your game! By now, if you aren’t mobile optimized you are literally throwing money away, but you likely know that. Yes it’s important to make sure your first sentence is catchy, so make sure you do that, but don’t forget about the fact that your ENTIRE pitch has to match the mobile experience.
9. Customers are 4x more likely to buy when referred by a friend.   [Source: Neilsen]  

: That’s pretty incredible if you think about it. Someone who is referred by a friend is 4x more likely to buy from you. So the question you should ask next is… How do I get someone to recommend my product to their friends? Well it’s actually pretty simple… ASK THEM TO.

I think, due to our new digital world, we often times focus on the RIGHT NOW which usually refers to the sale. But let’s talk about the right before and the immediately after for a second. Both immediately before and immediately after are great times to ask people to share for you. If you ask before you could use it as an incentive to get a discount or to get access to something. If you use it after – it’s like as a thank you for a great deal.

Facebook makes it REALLY easy to get your customers to “recommend” your business by simply letting your engage with customers and then that message gets shared on their newsfeed. Regardless of whether it’s an ACTUAL share, it’s still them recommending you by simply taking some action.

10. Social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing.   [Source: Hubspot]
: This one seems too simple to me. Is it just me or is social media not THE most important traffic generation strategy on the planet right now? Are you kidding me here… 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. That means that sending an email, direct mail, television commercials, and even ADS are significantly less effective than a good social media strategy.
Personally – this was another reason I built ChatMatic. It allows you to interact with your users/ customers/ prospects and actually build a relationship. That ONE private message could be the difference maker for your prospect which makes them choose your company over someone else. It’s absolutely CRUCIAL that you use everything available to you in order to increase sales as things continue to get more and more competitive.
Hopefully you liked my little summary of these ridiculously powerful stats. If you did – I’d love a SHARE myself! Let’s spread the love.
Whatever you do – don’t forget about these stats. Use them, Save them, and think about them when you are setting up funnels and campaigns. It’s pretty obvious that you want to be social, have follow up automation in place, and meet your customers where they are and don’t make them come to you… you might also want to check out best forex strategy if you want to increase your success rate.

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